Web page redesigning

Increasingly, companies are aware of the importance of their online presence. A presence consistent with its corporate image, which generates visits and business to the company, will allow the jump in the required market. The evolution in web design is also fast-paced, and companies must adapt to it quickly.

The design and programming of webpages are evolving rapidly. These trends are causing many companies to decide to take a leap forward and bet on the redesign of their web pages to update their design, content or add new features.

The global vision of web page redesigning at web design Birmingham

Sometimes, when designing the redesign of an existing web page, one falls into the trap of focusing all efforts on the visual aspect, leaving aside other key points for the proper functioning of any website.

At web design Birmingham, the agency proposes a web redesign taking into account the visual, functional and technical field, introducing improvements in points such as the architecture of information, usability, a responsive design or the loading speed of the web.

We stay true to the corporate image of the company, introduce improvements with respect to the previous version, and eliminate the disadvantages presented.

Proposing the redesign of a website

Situation study: To redesign a website, a prior study of the market situation and the positioning of the client, as well as its competitors, must be carried out.

Analysis of the current website: Once the sector's radiography has been made, the current web page must be analyzed in depth. An examination of your communication strategy to a detailed analysis of the code of the website are made.

Improvement approach: Later, we must decide what improvements should be implemented in the client's webpages or, in certain cases, the complete redesign of the website.

Migration of content: We have the mechanisms to transfer content from all types of web managers, with the aim of maintaining the web positioning present in the previous web.

Control: Finally, the respective monitoring and maintenance of the new improved webpages must be carried out.